June 2015

Change, Change, Change

It is hard to believe that Donella, Bobbi, and I left for Thailand four years ago! Under the Son Ministries has seen many changes since that day in June 2011 when we met Titus and Newa at Gethsemane Home. We had no idea what God had in store for this ministry!

We had only been in Thailand for five days when we met the family at Gethsemane Home. At that moment we knew why God had sent us to Thailand and knew God would continue to bless the ministry. We could not fathom  how quickly the ministry would grow!

Since 2011, we have built a new home for the family, grew from 6 to 15 children at the home, and added another set of house parents. Outreach programs have been started in Huai Pong village, four villages in the OmKoi district, and the possibility of new outreach in the Mae Hong Son district.

At times we struggle with being back in the States and if we are doing the best we can for the ministry by being here a majority of the time. Would we better serve the ministry if we spent more time in Thailand?

As we begin the fifth year of this ministry, we ask for your prayers and continued support as we wait on God as He shows us what is in store for Under the Son Ministries.

– Steve

Family Camp at Nong Kheo

Just like here in the United States, camp is a great time for learning more about Jesus and building relationships with other Christians. This year family camp was held from April 6-10. April may seem early as a time for camp, but you must remember that in Thailand the end of their school year is in March and they start back in May. This year the camp was moved from the Santisuk Bible Training Center campus to the village of Nong Kheo. Last year the congregation at Nong Kheo finished a beautiful and much larger church. The adult sessions were held in the church, while most of the children’s sessions were held in tents and salas near the church. The theme verse for camp was James 1:22, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” There were over 220 people that registered for this year’s camp.

Mae Hong Son Evangelism Trip

On the morning of April 20th, a group of 44 people met at Gethsemane Home to start out on a seven day evangelism trip. The purpose of this trip was to travel to seven different villages in the Mae Hong Son Province. There are very few Christians among the Lahu Shehleh people in this area.

Worship services were held each evening in the various villages. During this time the group shared about the love of God in many different ways to the area villagers. The Lahu Shehleh people love music, so singing songs about Jesus and performing worship dances are always a good way to start every evening service.

The family from Gethsemane Home played a big part in teaching about God. They used puppets to tell a story about God’s love for the sinner. Zacchaeus, who is now a part of the Under the Son Ministries family, talked about his love for God as he gave his testimony. Several of the leaders of the group taught lessons from God’s word. Titus used the parable of The Prodigal Son as one of the messages he gave. We hope to continue our outreach in this area.

Summer Internship

Casalyn has lived at Gethsemane Home since the home was established in 2011. She graduated from high school in March and will begin classes at Payap University in August. This summer she has been a part of an internship at Payap Christian Zone. The internship has helped her grow in many ways.

One of her projects was to choose her favorite lesson and write about it in English. We are so proud of her! Please pray for her as she begins university classes on August 3rd.

Wall Update

Two sides of the wall at Gethsemane Home are near completion. The children were able to help when they were on their summer break from school. The other two sides will be completed as funds become available. Our plan is to paint the wall and give a fresh coat of paint to all the buildings at Gethsemane Home when we return in January 2016.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make this possible.

Let’s Go Camping

June means camp season at Flaming Spirit Christian Service Camp near Oregon, Missouri. In last year’s camp theme, “I AM” (Exodus 3:14), God called Moses to save the Israelites. This year the “I AM” theme was carried into the New Testament to show the deity of Jesus (John 8:58) and how we are now saved through Him.

There were several different camps held during the month, and Under the Son Ministries had the privilege of serving as the mission for the junior week of camp. There were 103 fifth and sixth graders who learned about the children at Gethsemane Home and what they like to do. The campers also learned about how through men like Titus and Simeon the good news of Jesus Christ is being taken to the hill tribe people of Northern Thailand.

The missions offering was used to buy a motorbike for Gethsemane Home. As the children get older, Titus wants them to learn to safely ride a motorbike and obey the laws when they ride. Our hope is that each child will also have a driver’s license before they leave the home.