December 2015

Mission Trip 2016

We have just returned from our trip to Thailand. Many activities took place during this two week visit. We will share more about this trip in our next newsletter.

New Bathrooms

As plans were being made to hold the Christmas celebration at Baan Lang Muang Nai, Titus realized that additional bathrooms would be needed in this remote village. The week before the celebration Daniel and Titus had materials delivered and work began to build a three stall bathroom. It included two “squatty potty” toilets and one “American style” toilet. Thank you to Crossroads Christian Church for making this possible.

Rice Harvest

Rice is one of the main foods in the Thai diet and is eaten at every meal at Gethsemane Home. This past year Titus was able to rent a three rai (1.2 acres) piece of land for the purpose of growing rice to help meet the family’s need at Gethsemane Home. The cost to rent the piece of land was 1,750 baht ($50), and they raised one crop of rice. During the years they have enough rain, they can harvest two rice crops. The cost to rent the land will then be 3,500 baht.

The land is located near Doi Saket so it is not too far from Gethsemane. The family planted the rice in August, and during the latter part of November the field yielded 100 baskets of rice from their first harvest. This should be enough rice to feed the family at Gethsemane home for about four months.

Christmas Celebration

Christmas is a special time of year for all of us. As Christians we look forward to the opportunity to share the birth of our Savior with the rest of the world. The same is true with Christians in Thailand. With the help of Mike and Debbie Flinchum and Under the Son Ministries, that is what happened December 5th and 6th in the village of Lang Meuang Nai. This is the remote Lahu Sheleh village where Zaccheus serves. Simeon also serves in this area. Christians from Nong Kheo village, Chiang Dao, and Asia’s Hope Foundation joined our family at Gethsemane Home in sharing the “good news” of Jesus.

Unexpected rain and fog hampered the group’s progress in getting to their destination. Four-wheel drive vehicles were rented to make the last leg of the journey through the mud because no one wanted to disappoint those waiting for everyone to arrive. Upon arriving some started preparing the food they brought with them to be shared with these non-Christians. Others began afternoon activities which included making a stage near the church, playing games with the young people, and singing. Besides telling the Christmas story in sermon form, the family told about the birth of Jesus in a skit. There were nearly 400 people in attendance, which included Christians and non-Christians from a nearby Karen village. The number of those attending could have been over 500 if the rains hadn’t made it so hard for people to get there. It was a great celebration and a great witness to the non-Christians. It was also an encouragement for Simeon and Zaccheus.

This will be an annual sponsored event for Under the Son Ministries.

China Leadership Training

On December 8th, Titus and three other Lahu Sheleh leaders traveled to the Lincang province of China for a three week leadership training expedition. It was a two day journey by bus to reach their destination. This was the second year of a five year plan to train elders and deacons from five Lahu Sheleh Christian churches. These leaders came together at one of the local churches for a Bible training seminar which was held from December 15–18. Lessons were taught on tithing and evangelism. There were also lessons taught from Romans and Psalms. After the seminar these men concluded their time in China by visiting the other four churches represented at the seminar. On December 24th and 25th they were able to celebrate Christmas with the Christians there.