March 2018

Let There Be Light

Finding a way to get electricity in the villages has always been a challenge. Zaccheus lives in a village that has no electricity unless you have a generator or solar panels. Judah and Leah have been without electricity in their new mission house. On March 21st, Titus traveled down to the village of Patang Musur to install ceiling tiles and electricity in the new mission house. With the help of Judah, Simeon, and one of the Christians in the village, the guys made quick work of the project. They then delivered a new and much needed generator to Zaccheus in the village of LaMu Nai. The generator will allow Zaccheus to hold Bible and Lahu language training classes in the evening. In talking to Titus, we learned that they still need to build a bathroom and an outdoor kitchen in the mission house. We ask that you pray these needs will be funded soon.

Mission House Dedication

After eating lunch on Saturday, January 6th, a group of 21 people loaded into two trucks and headed toward the village of Patang Musur to dedicate the new mission house. Plans had already been made to spend Saturday night in the town of Om Koi because there weren’t enough places for everyone to stay in the village. On Sunday morning we drove the remaining hour to Patang Musur. The dedication service was held inside the mission house. Several congregational songs were sung, and we also had special songs sung by the children from Gethsemane home, the adult members of our team, and the Christians from the village. Steve gave the dedication message, and communion was served. This mission house is where Judah and Leah will now live as they continue to share the good news of Jesus Christ with these people.

Koreans Dedicate Church

In August of last year, a dedication service was held for Antioch Lahu Shehleh Christian Church, which is located on the recently purchased land across from Gethsemane Home. The unfortunate part was that members of a church in Korea responsible for building the church were unable to attend. On January 9th the pastor brought a group of six leaders from the church in Korea to hold a dedication service on their behalf. The service was filled with congregational singing and specials from several churches. Some of the Koreans spoke English so we had the opportunity to visit with them. They were very pleased with the new church and the part they were able to play in its construction.

Bible Training Seminar

This year Under the Son Ministries staff had the pleasure of hosting another Bible seminar. This was the first time it was held on the grounds of the new church. The opening session was held the evening of January 9th following the church dedication. For three days different men taught lessons on a variety of subjects from nine o’clock in the morning until five o’clock in the afternoon. One evening was used to hold a meeting to plan upcoming events, and a worship service was held during the last night of the seminar. There were approximately sixty-five people who attended this year’s seminar. Finding places for people to sleep was a bit of a challenge. Even the dining room at Gethsemane was made available for several of the men.

Children’s Day

On the second Saturday of January each year, the Thai people celebrate Children’s Day by taking their children out to have fun. This year while in Thailand we were able to experience Children’s Day. In years past the Gethsemane children have participated in several different activities, but this year they spent the morning at their school. The carnival-like atmosphere included games, crafts, and inflatables. In the afternoon another event was held for all the neighborhood children near Gethsemane Home. Lunch was served, games were played, and prizes were given away. We love that our children are able to join in these activities.

Upcoming Fundraisers

Under the Son Ministries has two fundraising events that will be happening during the month of April. First, there will be an evening of food and fellowship at the Pizza Ranch in Maryville on April 16th, from 5 to 8 PM. We will also have items from Thailand available for purchase that night. Second, we have ordered 400 geraniums that will be delivered sometime between the middle and end of April. We are now taking pre-orders for the geraniums. We will have hot pink, coral, dark red, lavender, and purple rose colors available. The geraniums will be in 2-gallon containers and sell for $17. If you are wanting to order any, contact us by calling 660-254-5775 or emailing [email protected] Proceeds from both of these fundraisers will be used for our educational fund that pays tuition for children at Gethsemane Home who choose to attend a university or technical school. At this time we have five students who are benefitting from these funds. As always, thank you for your continued support!