September 2018

July Visit

We returned to Thailand in July and had the opportunity to visit most of the areas where Under the Son Ministries is evangelizing. When we left the U.S., we knew we would be participating in several house dedications and church visits. Each time we are there so much has to be accomplished in a short amount of time. We are seeing the need to be in the country for longer periods. Please pray for us as we continue to seek God’s will as to our future involvement in the ministry.

Upcoming Fundraising Activities

We just finished selling over 200 mums in two weeks. We were so thankful for the response of everyone who purchased the flowers we ordered. All the money raised from this project goes to our education fund which is used to further the education of children at Gethsemane Home beyond high school.
We will also have a booth at the Christmas Craft and Vendor Fair on Saturday, November 17th, at the Community Center in Maryville. Our 2nd Annual Christmas Homes Tour will take place on Sunday, December 2nd. Tickets will be available soon.

University Visit

At the present time, Under the Son Ministries has three students furthering their education, each one attending a different university. They all live either on or near their respective campus, and that makes the opportunity to keep in touch with them hard to do. In July we decided to make it a priority to travel three hours to the north to the city of Chiang Rai. This is where Supaporn is in her last year at Rajabhat University. Her degree will allow her to work in the government or be a law consultant. She has also been the resident assistant at her dorm for the last two years. We are very proud of her!

Building Fund Campaign

Before we left on our July visit to the ministry in Thailand, we discussed making it a priority to start construction on the new multipurpose building on the property of Antioch Christian Church. After spending time visiting the villages we minister in, we saw other building projects that are much needed. To complete all of these projects, it will cost the ministry $52,150. We have started a campaign to fund all of these projects and have raised $19,350 at this time.
Construction on the multi-purpose building has begun and will continue as long as funds are available. We have attached a document that gives a breakdown of the projects we are needing to fund. If you would like to help with any of these projects, please contact us at [email protected].
Thank you for your support!

House Dedications

For the Christians in Thailand, it is important for them to seek the Lord’s blessing when they have something new. When they purchase a truck or motorcycle, they invite others to come together and pray that their vehicle will be used for God’s glory. When a church or house is dedicated, the event becomes much bigger. Food is prepared and a service is held which includes singing, a dedication message, and prayer. During the month of July, Under the Son Ministries staff participated in two house dedication services. The first was for the recently built home of two of our staff members, Bundit and Mai. Bundit and Mai’s house is next to Antioch Christian Church. The second was for the new home of Jalaw and Nabet who live in the village of Patang Musur. They are some of the only Christians in this village, and Daniel built their home. It is such an honor to be able to participate in these events.

Nothai’s Internship

Nothai has lived at Gethsemane Home since the home was established in 2011. She is in her second year at Rajabhat University in Chiang Mai. This summer she was able to be a part of an internship at Payap Chrisitian Zone. She spent two months with other students from the United States, United Kingdom, and Thailand. In the mornings they would study about spiritual disciplines and friendship evangelism. They taught at several English camps in mountain villages. Each week they also visited children’s homes and gave testimonies in cell group meetings. The internship has helped her grow in many ways. Thank you, Robert, for giving her this opportunity.