September 2020

Life After Gethsemane

God has truly blessed Gethsemane Home and these amazing children (young adults)! As we begin our tenth year of Under the Son Ministries, we are so thankful God gave us the opportunity to meet them and help to mentor them. These children came to Gethsemane Home for many different reasons, and Titus and Newa welcomed them into their home. Weechan, Gan, and Fah are all in their first year of university and doing well. It’s great to see them returning to Gethsemane on weekends to remain a part of the family. Their sponsors and your support of our Educational Fund make this all possible.

Huai Pong Ministry

We are seeing the use of technology in evangelism more and more, even in Thailand. In the village of Huai Pong, Moses and Yuri use a laptop and projector in their ministry. They use these tools during worship to display the words of songs on a screen. They also use a laptop and projector as they share God’s love with the children of the village by sharing Bible stories and teaching them new songs. The laptop and projector is helpful when teaching the Lahu language to the children in Huai Pong.

Recently Moses and Yuri were needing a new laptop and projector for their ministry. Under the Son Ministries was eager to help them by purchasing a new laptop. Our friends, Mike and Debbie Flinchum, purchased a new projector. We feel that the encouragement we give to those sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ is an important part of our ministry.

Gethsemane Home Improvements

Gethsemane is like any home, and there are always improvements that can be done. When the new metal roof was installed in June, Titus saw an opportunity to extend the roof out farther on the back side of the girl’s room. This would now create a new space where things could be kept dry and out of the rain.

Titus later told us that one use of this area would be a place where the girls could do their laundry. This would require pouring a concrete pad. We thought that was a great idea. In early September Titus, with the help of one of the men from the church, poured concrete behind both buildings at Gethsemane. Great idea! Great job!

We Have A New Girl

With our three latest high school graduates going off to university, this has created the prospect of bringing more children into the home. Before the school year started, Titus and Newa were
asked if they would accept another girl into the home and upon asking us, we agreed. Her name is Natthawipha, and her nickname is Wepa. She is 9 years old and in the second grade. Like far too many children in Thailand, Wepa’s parents are both in prison. Up until now Wepa has been living with her aunt. It was becoming increasingly difficult for her aunt to care for her because she has children of her own. We are looking for a sponsor for Wepa. If you would be interested in sponsoring her, please let us know. We can’t wait to meet her!

Face-to-Face School

We are excited that the children at Gethsemane Home were able to return to school! I think they were ready for some normalcy in their lives. Their school year usually begins around May 15th, but this year they went back to school on July 1st. We’re not sure how this will affect their October break or if they will even have one. As you can see in these pictures, school is no different for them right now than it is here in the states. It’s definitely a global pandemic.

Upcoming Fundraising Events

We recently finished selling 220 mums in one week! During the same time, we held a Fall/Christmas Pop-up Shop in our home. We were so thankful for the response of everyone who purchased the flowers and bought products. Thank you also to those who helped with the flower delivery.

We will have a booth at the Christmas Craft and Vendor Fair on Saturday, November 14th, at the Community Center in Maryville. We will also participate in the Holiday Craft and Vendor Fair at Nodaway County Senior Center in Maryville on Saturday, December 5th. Our 4th Annual Christmas Homes Tour will take place on Sunday, December 6th. Tickets for this event will be available soon. We hope you can join us at each of these events.