June 2022

Returning to Thailand

We finally have airline tickets purchased and will be returning to Thailand in October! It has been three years since we were last there. We waited until October because Korean Air will open up their flights from Seoul, Korea, to Chiang Mai, Thailand, on October 1st. This is the itinerary we have used in the past and are thankful we do not have to fly through Bangkok. The Thai Pass has now been lifted so we will not be required to buy medical insurance in Thailand and provide a negative COVID test before leaving the States. Also, the US has lifted the requirement of a negative COVID test before returning to the States. So many hoops we do not have to jump through which also reduces the stress level for us.

We will only be there for three weeks and will plan a longer stay in January 2023. This will be a chance to reconnect with all our staff and children and plan for events when we return in January. The children will also be on a longer October break from school while we are there.

More details will be coming in our September newsletter right before our departure.

Project Nears Completion

In our March 2022 newsletter, we shared with you an article entitled “Seizing the Opportunity.” At the end of the article, we said we would be bringing you an update on the project in our June newsletter. We are encouraged to report that at this time the building is close to being finished. Moses had been waiting for the ceiling tile, and it has been delivered. Doors and windows have also been installed. The electrical work needs to be completed, and they need to build a bathroom for the boys. At this time Under the Son Ministries has given $11,167 toward this project.

The building will be dedicated while we are there in October, and the first boys may arrive as early as November.

Farming Opportunities

Being raised living the village life, all of our staff members come from a farming background. This has continued to give them an added income beyond what Under the Son is able to provide for them. Some of these crops are rice, chiles, mangos, cabbage, watermelon, and pumpkins. We’ve been able to experience the rewards of their harvests with the many meals we have shared with them.

Gethsemane Student Internships

Several of our university and high school students have recently completed internships and will return to the classroom this fall. They have participated in culinary arts, electrical engineering, and health services. They have been blessed with many experiences related to future job opportunities.

Upcoming Fundraising Events

We want to thank everyone who purchased geraniums the end of April. All 400 were sold within a few days after delivery! This was the eighth year for this fundraiser, and our customer base continues to grow. What a blessing! Soon we will be taking pre-orders for our mums fundraiser. We will have bronze, yellow, red, and purple colors available again this year. They will be delivered after Labor Day.

We’re hoping to participate in several craft fairs this fall. The first one will be the Fall Fest at Dot Family Farms in Maryville, Missouri, on Saturday, September 24th. We also hope to have several Pop-up Shops at our home. You can follow our Wonderfully Made Facebook page to be informed of these dates. Plans have begun for the 6th Annual Christmas Homes Tour to be held on Sunday, December 4th.

Proceeds from all of these fundraisers are applied to our educational fund. This money is used to pay tuition for children at Gethsemane Home that choose to attend university or a technical school, high school tuition, and
so much more. We hope to see you at one of these events and appreciate your continued support!