March 2017


We always enjoy this time of year seeing new growth take place. In the same manner, we are celebrating the growth that is happening with Under the Son Ministries through the work of those on the mission field in Thailand. With this growth comes many changes and the need for sacrifice in our efforts to spread the gospel of Christ. We thank you for the continued prayers and sacrifices you have made to support our ministry team.

This issue of our newsletter will focus on the growth we have seen in many areas of the ministry. From educational to outreach growth, we are committed to keep our focus on Christ.

Geraniums Are Coming

We have ordered 350 geraniums that will be delivered the end of April. Proceeds from this fundraiser will be used for our educational fund that pays tuition for children at Gethsemane Home that choose to attend university. This August we will have three students attending university.

At this time we are taking pre-orders. We will have hot pink, coral, dark red, lavender, and purple rose colors available. If you are wanting to order any, contact us by calling 660-254-5775 or emailing us at Thank you for your support!

Facility Growth

Over the past six years Under the Son Ministries has seen many changes. A new home was built and the existing buildings were renovated at Gethsemane in 2012. Additional property was purchased on different occasions, and as supporters of the ministry you have been a part of this growth. Following the latest purchase of land across the road from Gethsemane home, we are now continuing that growth in the way of a new facility. The almost 2,000 square foot building will be used for worship,   Bible and language training, offices, and housing. At this time we have raised $2,500 of the $26,000 needed to complete the construction of this facility. Maybe the most encouraging part of this project so far is the commitment of the hill tribe people. They not only helped in raising money to purchase the land but have already given over $300 for the new facility and are committed to providing all the labor.

Educational Growth

The education of the children at Gethsemane Home has always been a priority for Under the Son Ministries. We are fortunate that our children are able to attend an excellent government school from Kindergarten through 12th grade. This school has provided many opportunities for our children.

We planned our visit to Thailand in March to coincide with the high school and middle school graduations of four of our children. Events like these are not scheduled in advance in Thailand, so we  planned our visit based on when these events had taken place in the past. Unfortunately, we left Thailand on March 8th, and the graduations took place on March 10th.

Titus and Newa were able to attend these celebrations in support of our children. Gan, Weechan, and Fah graduated from 9th grade and will begin their high school years in May. Nothai graduated from high school and will be attending Chiang Mai Rajabhat University this August.

We are proud of these young people and all they have accomplished.

Staff Growth

As Under the Son Ministries continues to grow, the greater the need becomes to add to the ministry team. For some time now one couple has stood out to us as a partnership we would love to have as part of the ministry team. The desire this couple has in serving our Lord is evident. We would like you to meet Bundit and Mai, and we are so excited they have decided to join Under the Son Ministries.

There are several responsibilities they will have in the ministry. Because of their command of the English language, they will be translating for us and especially helping us better communicate with our staff and children at Gethsemane Home. A second responsibility will be overseeing the new facility and programs that will be going on there. Most importantly they will be helping with the evangelism to the hill tribe people in Northern Thailand.

At this time they will be working for the ministry part-time until we are able to build the new facility where they will live. We ask for your prayers for Bundit and Mai as they take on these new roles.

Outreach Growth

The main emphasis of Under the Son Ministries is being involved in the spiritual growth of the children at Gethsemane Home and the hill tribe people of Northern Thailand. For the second year in a row, Gethsemane home was the site of a Bible training seminar. This year the seminar was held between February 28th and March 2nd. Even though plans for this seminar began months in advance, there was much work to do the day before it started. A pig and vegetables were purchased and everything had to be removed from the dining hall to make room for those attending. The number of those attending grew from 32 last year to over 55 this year, which meant finding a place for everyone to sleep was a concern. All this is more evidence for the need of a bigger facility.

The speakers for this year’s seminar were Mike Flinchum, Justin Briney, and Steve Sherry. Some highlights of the seminar were Justin’s presentation on Biblical geography, sharing videos of farming in the United States, and eating ice cream. We heard one man ate seven bowls!

We are excited for next year’s seminar!

Fundraising Growth

We are always looking for different ways to connect people with Under the Son Ministries and help raise money for the ministry. One thing that both Americans and Thai people have in common is that they love to eat. So on March 27th a fundraiser was held at Pizza Ranch in Maryville, Missouri. We were very pleased with the support given to this event. It was so good to see many of the area churches represented. The atmosphere was like you were at a family reunion and were able to see people you hadn’t seen in a while. It was a little taste of what heaven might be like. We want to thank all those who made this event a success.

Upcoming fundraisers will include the selling of geraniums, Mixed Bag Designs, and the selling of mums. We will soon be sharing details of a Christmas fundraiser.