June 2017

Cricket Champs

We all know how involved children here in the States can get with summer activities. We have noticed that the same is true for several of our children at Gethsemane home. During their summer break, four children from Gethsemane Home represented Chiang Mai province in a national 15 and under cricket tournament held in Chanthaburi province. Sunida and Rachel were on the girl’s team, and Weechan and Yoksaak were on the boy’s team. There were five girl’s teams and nine boy’s teams, each representing different provinces in Thailand. The seven day tournament used round-robin style play in each division.

One of the bonuses these young athletes received from this opportunity was first place trophies in both the girl’s and boy’s divisions. The boy’s team will now go on to play in Malaysia. Yoksaak has applied for his passport for the trip, but unfortunately Weechan will not be able to go. When asked what was the best part of participating in the tournament, Sunida said she made several new friends.

Family Camp

Unlike camp here in the States, the family camp Under the Son Ministries supports in Thailand is moved from one facility to another each year. This year’s camp was held at a hostel ran by Ron Morse (North Burma Christian Mission) in Mae Thom, which is in the Chiang Rai province. Camp was held from April 11th through the 15th, and the theme was from 2 Timothy 1:12, “For I know whom I have believed.”

Classes were held for all ages. Titus taught classes on the trinity. One day’s count included 45 children, 60 youth, and 80 adults attending classes. This would not include those who were cooking or performing other duties. A total of 300 campers attended the event, even though there were some that could only attend one or two days. During the week of camp, they also witnessed four baptisms.

There is a possibility this camp will be held next year on the new land by Gethsemane Home.

Mum Sales

In April we were able to sell 350 geraniums. We were so thankful for the response of everyone who purchased the flowers we ordered. All the money raised from this project goes to our education fund which is used to further the education of children at Gethsemane Home beyond high school. With this fundraiser alone, we were able to pay for university tuition for one semester for three of our children from Gethsemane Home.

In September we will be selling 150 mums to also add to our education fund. Bronze, yellow, red, and purple colors will be available. If you would like to pre-order mums, please contact us. We are very appreciative of your continued support.

God’s Perfect Timing

After purchasing the land across the road from Gethsemane Home last summer, plans were put in motion to start raising the funds needed for the first phase of a building project. As we reported in our last newsletter, Under the Son Ministries had raised $2,500 of the $26,000 needed for this project.

As the month of April was coming to an end, we received word that a pastor from Korea wanted to help build a church on the property. And by the way…he wanted to start the first of May. Titus and Daniel sent us drawings on a Thursday showing us where the buildings would now be placed on the property, and by the following Monday construction had begun. Suggestions were made on our part as to how they could best utilize the space. One suggestion they agreed upon was to attach the Lahu Shehleh offices to the back of the church, which would have been part of the original building. There were also upgrades made to the type of roofing and ceiling that was installed.

This new church was not just a “here it is” project. Although the Korean pastor did bring a couple of Thai workers with him, he asked Titus and Daniel to supply the rest of the help. Christians from several villages were eager to help with the project. It was also so good to see our children from Gethsemane Home help by doing jobs like mixing and carrying cement, moving dirt, painting, and helping to keep the area clean.

The church building is nearing completion, and we will continue to raise funds to begin construction of the second building on the property. At this time we are still in need of $14,000 to fund this project. Please be in prayer for this project as we look for those willing to supply the needed funds.