June 2019

Sharing the Ministry

We have been busy since our return from Thailand sharing the work of Under the Son Ministries with churches and other groups. It is always rewarding to see the interest people have in what Under the Son Ministries is doing. We have visited five churches and also shared the ministry with two small groups. During the week of June 10-14, we were the mission for Ravenwood Christian Church’s VBS (see page 3). We are scheduled to visit three more churches before we return to Thailand in September. If you would like us to visit your church or group, please contact us. We love to share with others!

Coming Soon

We want to thank everyone who came to our Pizza Ranch Fundraiser on June 10th. We raised $1,156.73 that evening. A special thank you to Suzanne, Clara, Ruthie, Kathe, and Jayne for helping us clean tables to raise tips.
Soon we will be taking pre-orders for our mum fundraiser. We will have bronze, yellow, red, and purple colors available. They will be delivered after Labor Day.
Proceeds from both of these fundraisers are used for our educational fund that pays tuition for children at Gethsemane Home that choose to attend university or a technical school and much more. Thank you for your support!

Multi-purpose Building Update

The multi-purpose building is nearing completion! Both the exterior and interior walls have been painted, and doors and windows have been installed. We can’t wait to see the end result when we return in September! We are excited to share that the matching gift of $5,000 has been reached! We raised $6,600 for this campaign. Thank you to everyone who contributed. We now have the funds to complete the construction of the multi-purpose building and buy most of the contents. Our plan is to then complete the mission house at Patang Musur and begin work on updating the church there. God is so good!

Zacchaeus’ Graduation

Steve first met Zacchaeus during a March 2014 evangelism trip to the Omkoi district and the village of LaMu Nai, his home. At that time Zacchaeus was getting ready to start his final year of Bible training at Santisuk Bible Training School. Under the Son Ministries gave Zacchaeus the funds so he could finish school before returning to his village. He then joined the Under the Son Ministries staff, evangelizing in his home village. On March 31st, Zacchaeus was invited back to the school to attend the graduation ceremony. Zacchaeus became the first person from the Lahu Shehleh tribe to graduate from Santisuk Bible Training School.

Ravenwood VBS

We enjoyed spending a week at Ravenwood Christian Church as their mission during VBS. Each day we shared how God is good when life is unfair, scary, sad, and changing. On the last day we talked about how we need to remember to also thank God when life is good. We connected each day with a child from Gethsemane Home and how these realities of life have affected them. It was great to see the reaction of the kids as we told about the lives of these children from Gethsemane Home. Students were raising funds to help pay for items to furnish the new multi-purpose building. During the week a total of $1,320.53 was raised. This amount was doubled through our recent matching funds campaign. Thank you to the adults and children who made this week so successful!

Fundraising Makes a Difference

We are truly thankful for the support of each individual and church that makes the work of Under the Son Ministries possible. We are blessed when we think of the longevity of many of our supporters. But still when it comes to the added cost of sending our children to a university or technical school, it takes extra fundraising.
Our children come from villages where for most of them education ends at sixth grade. We are finding that they need an education beyond sixth grade to break the cycle of poverty in their families. The many opportunities they have by living at Gethsemane Home allows them to graduate from high school and then attend a university or technical school. Our first university graduates are finding jobs that would have been impossible without a higher education.
Buying a flower, purchasing a Christmas Homes Tour ticket, or buying a pair of Thai pants helps us ensure a brighter future for these children. If you have ideas of other fundraisers that would benefit Under the Son Ministries, please contact us.