September 2019

Back in Thailand

We returned to Thailand on September 18th and will be here a couple of months. Our main emphasis on this trip is the dedication of the new multi-purpose building and celebrating two young ladies from Gethsemane Home who recently graduated from university. We are so proud of these two girls and will highlight each of their journeys in our next newsletter. Also on the calendar is to make plans for the goals of the ministry in 2020. In this newsletter we will feature some of the staff members of Under the Son Ministries and their focus in the ministry. We have trusted God through this journey that He would provide who and what we needed in His time. God has blessed Steve and I with outside sources of income so we have been able to use all funds raised by the ministry for the work here. This gives the ministry an opportunity to grow and provide what is needed in Northern Thailand to evangelize to the people here. Our job is to trust, and God will do the work. Donella

Upcoming Fundraising Activities

We just finished selling over 200 mums in one week! We were so thankful for the response of everyone who purchased the flowers we ordered. Thank you also to those who helped with delivery.
We will have a booth at the Christmas Craft and Vendor Fair on Saturday, November 16th, at the Community Center in Maryville. We’ve also added the Christmas in November event at North Andrew on Saturday, November 23rd. Our 3rd Annual Christmas Homes Tour will take place on Sunday, December 8th. Tickets will be available soon.
Hope you can join us at each of these events.

Multi-purpose Building Update

We were excited to return to Thailand to see the progress of the new multi-purpose building! We were not disappointed; it is amazing!
On September 21st, we held a meeting with our staff to plan for the October 18th dedication. They are expecting between 200 and 300 people in attendance, including local government officials and other special guests. There are 22 churches in their group in Northern Thailand who may be attending, and they have asked each to give 1,000 baht ($33) to help with expenses. There are still several projects that need completed in the next few weeks to put the final touches on the building. We recently purchased the dishes for the new kitchen, installed fans in the large meeting room, and completed the plumbing in the bathrooms. We will have a work day on the 17th to complete all projects. There is much to be done before the 18th!

Titus and Newa

When we first arrived in Thailand in June 2011, we were introduced to a couple who had taken in six children that needed a home. They were trusting God to provide what they needed to take care of these children. It was at that moment that we knew why God had sent us to Northern Thailand. That couple was Titus and Newa. They have been with us from the beginning, and we have grown to love them as family! Their command of English has made it possible for us to converse with them and share our love of God with each other. They are the parents at Gethsemane Home who take care of the daily needs of the children. Newa is busy every day cooking, doing laundry, and cleaning. She also takes care of the finances of the home, and her bookkeeping skills are remarkable! Titus is always running children somewhere, responsible for the upkeep of the home, and the spiritual leader. Recently he has been in charge of the construction of the new multi-purpose building. We appreciate their dedication to the ministry. Titus and Newa, you are loved by many!

Moses and Yuri

Moses and Yuri joined Under the Son Ministries in 2012. Yuri is Titus’s youngest sister. They were first added as a second set of house parents at Gethsemane Home. Since that time their focus has changed to outreach evangelism in the village of Huai Pong. This was the village where Under the Son Ministries first began supporting evangelism. Each weekend they travel to the village to work with the church there. Moses preaches on Sundays, and Yuri has a Sunday School class with the children. Teaching the Lahu language has also been a focus in the past. Many of the village people can speak the language but not read or write it. Most Sundays they have 20 people in attendance. They have developed close relationships with the people there. Moses and Yuri have also opened up their home to boys from villages who are needing a place to live while attending middle school and high school. Most village schools end at sixth grade. Some of these boys have also become great friends with the boys at Gethsemane Home. We are thankful to have Moses and Yuri as part of Under the Son Ministries.

Bandit and Mai

Bandit and Mai have been a part of the Under the Son family since 2016. They have both been very helpful when it comes to translating our English to Thai or Lahu. Their Bible knowledge and willingness to teach is another great asset. Bandit and Mai are both very involved in encouraging the Christians who live near Antioch Christian Church. They are responsible for organizing the Sunday morning services at Antioch. Mai also teaches English on Saturdays to the children who live near Gethsemane Home. Besides being part of the Under the Son Ministries staff, Bandit and Mai teach at Lanna Theological Center (LTC). Bundit teaches several subjects and is considered full time, whereas Mai teaches part time. They recently have begun bringing LTC students to Antioch to complete internships. These students stay with Bandit and Mai on the weekends and help with worship and Sunday School. The plan is to bring two new students each term. They have both been a great addition to the ministry.

Our Greatest Joy

We’re excited for the children to be on break in October! Our greatest joy in staying at Gethsemane is being around the children. It gives us the opportunity to see more of the personal side of their lives. We hear about their activities which includes cricket, soccer, academic teams, and even winning singing contests. We hear them singing in the shower, learning to play instruments, and playing outside. We are thankful for the sponsors that help to provide for these children, but most thankful for Titus and Newa opening their home to these children. Enjoy these snapshots from the last two weeks!