December 2022

This Was the Year

Reading our newsletter from one year ago, the title was, “Is This the Year?”, and it definitely was the year. At that time we were anticipating the possibility of returning to Thailand after two long years away. We were hoping 2022 would be the year. We had plans to return in July, but the difficulty of making airline connections was becoming more and more of a reality. Steve then shared with me a way we could return in October 2022 needing no extra medical insurance, no quarantine time, and a direct flight from Seoul, Korea, to Chiang Mai, Thailand. That was the plan we had been waiting for.

Our return in October was such a blessing! We were able to reconnect with everyone and make plans for our return in January. We will finally be able to hold a Bible seminar, travel to the villages where there are ministries we support, and spend time with our family at Gethsemane Home. We feel that God’s timing has made this all possible.

As we look back on 2022, we cannot thank all of you enough for  your continued support of Under the Son Ministries. In almost twelve years of ministry, this has been our best year yet. We ask for your prayers as we return and know God has so much more in store for the ministry in Northern Thailand. Our hearts are full.
– Donella

Boys’ Dorm Dedication

One of the first things that needed to be done after our arrival in Thailand in October was to choose the date for the dedication of the new boys’ dorm at Moses and Yuri’s place. Saturday, October 8th, was selected and plans for the event needed to be quickly finalized. Everything from buying the food and decorations, to getting tents from the temple and inviting all the guests had to be done.

All the preparations came together, and God provided us with a great day of fellowship with over 100 people in attendance. Titus officiated over the worship service which started with prayer, followed by singing. Steve then gave a message challenging the people to answer God’s call to serve Him with their lives. Everyone then enjoyed a meal prepared by several of the ladies.

We know that the young people who come to live with Moses and Yuri will learn about the love God has for them. We look forward to seeing how they answer God’s call in their lives.

Sunday School and English Lessons

In October we were able to hold staff meetings in Thailand. One thing we worked on was showing the staff how to write a story. We sometimes receive pictures from staff members without knowing what is happening in the pictures. Two of our staff members, Newa and Mai, recently sent us photos with stories that we can share with all of you. Thank you ladies.

Newa has been able to return to teaching Sunday School at the new building. This was stopped during COVID, and the teaching happened at Gethsemane Home with only the children there. By having Sunday School in the new building, other children in the village are able to attend.

Mai has returned to teaching English on Saturdays at the new building. This also stopped during COVID, and we’re happy to see that happening again. The children love getting together to work on their English.

What an Awesome God We Serve

The last two months of 2022 saw the Under the Son Ministries staff being a part of several harvest and Christmas celebrations. In late November, Titus went to the village of Patang Muser to help with their harvest celebration. The first weekend in December brought around 300 people to Antioch church to thank God for His provision. Those who attended came from twelve different churches.

December 9th through the 11th saw members of the Under the Son staff return to Patang Muser for a huge Christmas celebration. Based on the number of gifts that were handed out, it was estimated that over 450 non-Christians witnessed Christians worshipping God and the birth of our Savior. The gifts ranged from snacks to kitchen items. Several baptisms took place as a result of sharing Christ during this celebration. Under the Son Ministries is always grateful for the opportunity to financially support these evangelistic events. With the large numbers at these gatherings, it was obvious that people were happy to be able to meet together again since COVID had kept them from gathering.

Christmas Homes Tour 2022

Our 6th Annual Christmas Homes Tour took place on Sunday, December 4th, in Maryville. God again gave us a beautiful day with temperatures in the upper 40s. We set a new record this year selling 238 tickets! Ticket holders were able to tour four homes that day. A special thank you to Chris and Elizabeth Bowles, Wyatt and Melinda  Eubank, Coby and Teresa Hayes, and Scott and Jayne McGinness for opening up their homes.

This fundraiser has grown every year and has been a great addition to our Under the Son Ministries Educational Fund. With four of our children in university and two in vocational school at this time, these fundraisers are truly a blessing. We are grateful for your support! Mark December 3, 2023, on your calendar for the 7th Annual Christmas
Homes Tour. We are already lining up homes you won’t want to miss!