March 2023

Trip Reflections

Below are some snapshots from our recent visit to Thailand. A lot was accomplished during this time. Enjoy!

Bible Seminar

Before COVID, holding an annual Bible training seminar was always something that the Under the Son Ministries staff looked forward to. Looking back at our March 2019 newsletter, there were around 60 people that were in attendance that year. We can safely say that many of those in attendance were looking forward to coming to the seminar in 2020. Here we are in 2023, and we finally had the opportunity to hold another training session.

Starting on January 31st, a three day Bible training seminar was held at Antioch Christian Church. This was the first seminar to make full use of the multipurpose building since its completion in Fall 2019. Joni Morris, Mike Flinchum, and Steve Sherry spoke during the different men’s sessions. For the first time, Donella Sherry held two afternoon sessions for the ladies. We were very pleased to have around 40 people take part in studying God’s Word and fellowshipping together.

The Lord willing, we will continue to make this an annual event.

New Bikes

When we were in Thailand last October, a dear friend messaged me to see if she could do something for the children. I told her they were needing new bedding, and she answered that need. During our time there in January, she reached out again to see if they needed anything else. That became the purchase of bikes.

Children’s Day is celebrated each year in Thailand on a Saturday in January. We happened to be there at that time. Steve and Titus took the children to a nearby government building for the celebration. Each child filled out a slip of paper that had their name on it. They then had to go around to booths to do activities and get the card signed. When all booths had been visited, they turned in the slip for the drawing of prizes. Our youngest child at Gethsemane, David, was the last name drawn for a free bike. Titus and Newa took the children that evening to another event and came home with another free bike. There were seven children at Gethsemane who wanted bikes. Our dear friend purchased the other five. God is so good!

Black Card/Red Card

In Thailand, all men at 21 years old are required to attend a lottery for military duty selection unless they have volunteered to serve. Each young man draws a card. Those who draw a black card are released from their military service requirement and are issued a letter of exemption. Those who draw a red card are required to serve for two years starting from the induction date specified on the card. At this time, only one of our boys has drawn a red card and is currently serving in the military.

One of our Gethsemane boys was dreading this the last few weeks as his time approached to attend the lottery. He had been praying that his card would be black so that he could finish his university studies. He messaged us a few days ago that he had received a black card. We’re so happy for him!

Fundraising Events

Our fundraising season has begun. We were happy for the down time in late December and January. We just held a fundraiser at Pizza Ranch on March 20th. With the help of several youth from Ravenwood Christian Church, we raised over $1,000. It was great to reconnect with many people who attend churches in the area that support Under the Son Ministries.

At this time, we are taking pre-orders for geraniums. These will be delivered to our house on May 4th. If you are wanting to order any, please contact us soon by calling 660-254-5775 or 660-254-8487. They are going quickly!

We will not be able to participate in the Spring Craft Fair at Maryville Community Center, so we will be having a Spring Pop-up Shop at our house on April 20, 21, and 22. New inventory is beginning to arrive.