June 2023

National Teams

From May 5th through the 17th, athletes from 11 nations competed for medals across 37 different sports at the 32nd Southeast Asian Games. The games took place for the first time in Cambodia. Three of the athletes from Thailand have been a part of Gethsemane Home for many years. Sunida, Rachel, and Yoksaak all participated in the sport of cricket. The Thailand women’s team won gold in three divisions while the men’s cricket team brought home the bronze medal in one division.

These three spend most of their time living in a sports dorm in Bangkok. Recently Sunida and Rachel returned to Gethsemane where we had the chance to visit with them about their experiences. They told us they will be traveling to Hong Kong and the Netherlands later this year to play cricket. We asked them where has been their favorite place to travel. Sunida said South Africa, and Rachel loved Scotland because she was able to see snow. Both girls are planning to take a one year break before going to college. We’re very proud of all three of them!

Long-Awaited Project

In January 2021, we told Simeon that Under the Son Ministries was ready to help build a new church in the village of Na Khrai. COVID caused delays in beginning the project and completing the initial dirt work. After much prayer and planning, in April several of the Under the Son staff members and local villagers began the construction of the new church building. Some of the materials were purchased locally, while others had to be bought in Chiang Mai by Titus because of cost and availability. Titus and Judah have made the four hour drive from Chiang Mai to Na Khrai several times to take supplies and help with the construction. To finish the project, they will still need to install windows and doors, paint, and complete tile work. We’re excited to see the finished church!

Outreach in Myanmar (Burma)

Many years ago, Titus taught with Matthew at the Bible Training Center in Santisuk. Matthew has evangelized for many years in Myanmar. He preaches at the Ta Ler church, which is about a one hour drive from the Thai-Myanmar border. Each year Matthew offers a three month training session (January through March) at the Ta Ler Bible School training center where villagers can learn to read the Lahu language and study the Bible. This year there were around 40 people participating in this training, ten who are not Christians.

Between the economic problems in Myanmar and the fighting between the different groups, Matthew has found it difficult to buy items like clothing, teaching supplies, and pork. They do grow the rice and vegetables they need. When Titus told us about Matthew’s needs, we said we would love to help. With the border being closed, Titus was concerned about how he would get these supplies to Matthew. Titus has now found a way to get these supplies to Matthew. Please pray for these people that their country may soon find peace.

A House Becomes a Home

Last October, the new building at Moses and Yuri’s was dedicated to the Lord. Under the Son Ministries was instrumental in helping them fulfill their vision of having a place for young boys to live that provided them with the opportunity to further their education. In April, Under the Son also purchased a roof for their truck so Moses could take the boys to school. A few weeks later six boys arrived at their new home, eager to start a new chapter in their lives. Then on May 15th these six boys started their first day of school. The best news of all is that since moving in with Moses and Yuri four of these boys have been baptized into Christ. We’re excited to see what the Lord has in store for all of them!

Upcoming Fundraising Events

We want to thank everyone who purchased geraniums the first of May. All 400 were sold within a few days after delivery! This was the ninth year for this fundraiser, and our customer base continues to grow. What a blessing! Soon we will be taking pre-orders for our mums fundraiser. We will have bronze, yellow, red, and purple colors available again this year. They will be delivered after Labor Day.

We plan to participate in several craft fairs this fall and will be holding Pop-up Shops at our home. Our Christmas in July event will be held at our home on July 6-8. Our first craft fair will be the Fall Fest at Dot Family Farms in Maryville, Missouri, on Saturday, September 16th. You can follow our Wonderfully Made Facebook page to be informed of these dates. Plans have also begun for the 7th Annual Christmas Homes Tour to be held on Sunday, December 3rd.

Proceeds from all of these fundraisers are applied to our educational fund. This money is used to pay tuition for children at Gethsemane Home that choose to attend university or a technical school, high school tuition, and so much more. We hope to see you at one of these events and appreciate your continued support!