December 2014

Another piece of land at Gethsemane Home has been purchased. We want to thank those who made this possible.

September 2014

Another school year is in full swing for the children at Gethsemane Home. Their school year runs from the middle of May to the middle of March. They are now enjoying their October break and will return to school the end of the month.

June 2014

I must admit that my April visit back to Thailand didn’t go according to my plan, but it did go according to God’s plan. Yes, we did travel to the Omkoi district and made visits to four Lahu Shehleh villages.

March 2014

Reaching the Unreached Before Donella and I left Thailand in June of 2013, Titus gave us a list of all the Lahu Sha-leh villages in Northern Thailand. This list also contained details about which ones had churches, pastors, and the number of Christians living in some of those villages. When we were back in Thailand […]

December 2013

Chiang Mai Visit We have just returned from our visit to Chiang Mai. Jet lag has slowed us down, but we are gradually adjusting. We were able to see the improvements that have been made at Gethsemane Home, especially with the new land purchase. Titus also shared with us his vision for outreach to several […]

September 2013

Return to Chiang Mai Before leaving Thailand and our family at Gethsemane Home, we let them know that this was not a permanent goodbye. Under the Son Ministries would continue to take care of them, and we would be back to visit. We also would focus on supporting Titus and his family in whatever way […]

June 2013

Final Days in Chiang Mai There is a lot that goes into making a big move, even if it is back home. Making preparations to return to the States included finding a moving company, finishing the school year, meeting future needs at Gethsemane Home, and saying good – bye to everyone. Even with all our […]

March 2013

December 2012

September 2012